Impact of chronic diseases on antibiotic use rates in the community – INSPQ

May 2022

The Institut National de Santé Publique du Québec has just published a report on the use of antimicrobials in Quebec.

This reinforces our convictions and our motivation at Smartbiotic: to develop tools to help physicians prescribe antibiotics to enhance the health of populations!

  • “More than 5,000 deaths were directly attributable to antimicrobial resistance and it resulted in $1.4 billion in additional costs to the health care system.”
  • “Fear of drug interactions makes it difficult to choose an antimicrobial.”
  • “48% of patients 65 years and older receive potentially inappropriate medication.”
  • “Specific clinical guidelines could be developed to improve antimicrobial prescribing.”

Antimicrobial resistance is a major human cost. It is also a cost to the Quebec health care system. But it is by no means a fatality!

Together, we are determined to assist physicians in the best antimicrobial prescription to improve patient care and reduce costs for the healthcare system.