1. We care about your privacy and that of your patients.

This privacy policy applies to data collected via the SmartBiotic application, whose publisher is SmartBiotic, 12 rue des Arts et Métiers, 97200 Fort-De-France, Martinique, France, which can be reached at the email address info@smartbiotic.ai.

The “Personal Data” that we use are defined as data capable of identifying you, either directly or by cross-referencing the data that you entrust to us. This personal data includes (for example) your internet address (IP) or a unique identification number that we assign to you in order to be able to link your use of the application to a unique user.

None of the data collected allow us to identify a patient. We process your data in accordance with all applicable data protection and privacy laws, in accordance with the “GDPR” – General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679. For any additional information or request to delete your personal data, contact us info@smartbiotic.ai.

2. The data we collect.

All your activity on the application in order to be able to carry out research and statistics concerning its use. For all users, the data collected is:

The personal data that we collect for the strict operation of the application are as follows:

1) Internet address (IP).
2) Approximate geographical position (region of use, or radius greater than 3 km in diameter).
3) The diagnoses entered in the search bar of the SmartBiotic application.
4) Treatments consulted.
5) Choice of antibiotic therapy when informed.

To be able to carry out a statistical research work on the clinical impact of the SmartBiotic solution, we also collect, work and share the following data.

1) Date and time of the request.
2) Actions completed in the app.

3. How we use personal and non-personal data

We use personal and non-personal data to:

  • Carry out research and carry out statistical studies concerning the use of the application and the prescription of antibiotics, via the description of the requests made on SmartBiotic in terms of:
    • Number and frequency of requests made over time.
    • User login time.
    • Geographic distribution of users.
    • User journey of the SmartBiotic application, including interconnections with our institutional partners.
  • Communicate publicly or with our institutional partners, after anonymization of all personal data, around the use of the SmartBiotic tool.

4. Who has access to personal data?

To date, only SmartBiotic is authorized to access and analyze personal and non-personal data. In the event of changes to our privacy policy, this document will be edited and users with a SmartBiotic account will receive notice of changes to our privacy policy by email.

5. Data Logging and Security Measures.

The data used is recorded by SmartBiotic, hosted by the French company “On Vous Héberge” (OVH SA 537 407 926 located 2, rue Kellermann, 59100 Roubaix.)

We take the appropriate technical, legal and organizational measures which are in accordance with the laws relating to the respect of private life and the protection of personal data.

If you have reason to believe that your interaction with us is no longer secure (for example, if you believe that the security of your personal data may have been compromised), you can notify us immediately at: info@smartbiotic.ai

6. Retention of personal data.

We implement the necessary procedures to ensure that your personal data is processed in accordance with the purposes described in this Statement.

We keep your data on a secure host for 3 years.

Such a retention period is necessary to be able to assess the evolution of the requests made on our application over time. In addition, after these 3 years, we perform an extraction of data on external physical media stored in secure premises.

7. Your legal rights

As the person whose personal data is collected, you always have the right to be aware of the data we collect about you. You have the right to consult them, correct them or have them deleted.

Any other questions regarding the processing of your personal data and requests for correction, addition or deletion can be sent to our Data Protection Officer via info@smartbiotic.ai

If you have given your consent to the use of your data, you can withdraw it at any time.

For all additional information on your rights and how to exercise them, we invite you to consult the cnil.fr website.

8. Changes to our Privacy Policy

We regularly adjust our privacy policy so that it reflects our way of working and our intentions. We advise you to reread this text regularly if you use our services.

9. Who to contact regarding your Personal Data

If you have any questions relating to personal data, please send them to the following email address: info@smartbiotic.ai